Just a thought

I sit there in long sunny days ,in harsh showers, in blood chilling cold .There are no festivals for me ,for me its festive when i get a bread to kill my hunger ,its festive when someone don’t kick me during the whole day .I starts following those who even looks n smile at me .sometimes people hit me just in fun ,i think they must like my painful voice .sometimes they throw stones at me ,i think they just want to check their aim . i am innocent n quite ,my only fault is i am not as pretty as others. When i was small everyone pampers me but still sometime i felt like just a toy for their fun. Since the day i grow up no one likes me ,no pampering just kicks and pebbles .Last night it was raining cats and dogs ,i was all drenched ,shivering from head to toes ,running for some shade to hide my skin from the clod blooded chilling wind, n my search come to an end when a light pushed me away n put n end to my suffering, crushed me under it’s wheels of death. I got hit by a car ,lying dead on road but no one even care to stop n shed some tears on my body they just one by one moved over my body crunching it so many times that it was hard to recognise who was I . Last night i died so many times that i can still feel the pain . I had lived my life freely without chains and customs ,running behind vehicles with no reason ,falling in love with just a whistle, i have seen this world from a point like no one can see ..but still I think , is it was that bad to be a street DOG ?

Crafted for you created by heart


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