Pair Of Jeans

Its been almost six months but i still remember,on that morning i was not in a very great mood ..felling lost and irritated because of last night’s incident,because of which i hadn’t slept well last night and had to catch an early morning train so feeling a quit dizzy also ..and adding to my fury thanks to Indian railway my train got delayed by 2 hours all in all i was in a trance state of anger ..last night something happened which has sown the seed of this anger ..I went for shopping and found a very attractive pair of shoes but when i checked with the price it was quite above my credit limit i felt really bad ,don’t know why but it made me sad ..i started cursing god for that ..why the hell i still can’t buy what i like why always i have to compromise with each n every thing ..why i didn’t born with a silver spoon.. You must be thinking why this aggression on such a small thing ..let me tell you i recently had a breakup n my girl dumped me because she thinks i am not so well settled that i can please her parents n marry her..since then every single thing that is related to my financials just drifts me away from calm ..therefore while waiting for my train ,i was coursing each n every thing happened or happening to me that time…well, when i was busy in my coursing job, a little fellow came n sat by my side he was quite happy, he looked at me n felt uncomfortable as i was literally throwing flames at that time ..he was wearing a blue almost all torn jeans of about two size bigger then his actual ,
,on top of that he had dusky skinny dark topless skull and a red cap with few holes in it ..I was sure he was a beggar ..though i was in full fury but that smile has drawn my attention ,i had looked at him n thought look even this fellow is happy and why the hell i have all the problems with me only ..a moment after, he opened his small packet n with all the excitement in his eyes he picked something wrapped in newspaper, peaked into that newspaper packet from side n placed it back in that poly bag..i was looking at him and was ready to move to the next bench as nobody want to sit by the side of a beggar because even if u don’t have problem with that those hundreds of disgusted eyes giving a weird look n those bad faces which are already quite bad gazing at you will force you to move,well that’s India is all about LOG KYA SOCHENGE ,
so i was all set to moved to another bench as i don’t want those stares ,while sitting in the next bench i saw him doing the same thing with that paper wrapped packet again n again but every time with an added smile on his face,by that time i almost forgot about my coursing routine for whatever wrong is happening to me and kept looking at him with curiosity, thinking about what must be there in that packet that he is so heavenly happy about,i want to ask him what was in that packet but i was worried about what those girls sitting next to me will think about me but my curiosity forced me to go n ask him ,so i did. I moved to that bench sat near to him n asked “hey what’s the matter with that packet, what are you doing with it again n again” .My question has filled him with fear like i am gonna take that packet away from him ,so he tried hiding that packet from me and replied with fear filled eyes “please don’t take this away from me i am not a thief, today is my birthday and i have never ever got any gift but today god has given it to me on my birthday please don’t take it .That reply has almost paralyzed me i was speechless for that moment, completely blank, i looked at him and with a hearty smile replied, no i am not gonna take it away from you don’t worry .That reply of mine has bought a sense of relief on his face n bought back that smile ,then i wished him for his birthday this has broaden his smile to miles ,then he asked me did i want to saw what was in that packet ,i swung my head in affirmation,he opened that packet with utter care and the thing that came out from that packet had given me a shock of thoughts ,it was a pale blue jeans with few holes in it ,he then smiled n said hey you know god has gifted this new jeans to me,you know what ,i have only this jeans which i am wearing for ages ,and it also don’t fits me properly so i always wanted a new one, n look god has given me this ,he said. At that time i was full of thoughts n dimensionless emotions struck with awe n joy at the same time ,feeling numb and pain at the same time, ,that was something which is really hard to explain in words,but his words made me to ask him something. How you got this gift from God can you tell me ,i asked with tears ready to roll down my cheeks,he smiled and pointed towards a garbage bin and said “Everyday there is nothing special in that bin but as today is my special day so god has sent an angel to put this packet in that bin and he hugged that packet .
all of a sudden thousands of emotions and thought starts mumbling in my brain ,i was completely speechless with what i just encountered ,at that moment my anger n rage for what i don’t have, transformed into a thankful feeling for what i have .While i was busy in recollecting my senses he kept looking that jeans like a mother looks at her new born ,coming out of that trance state of emotions i asked him where he lives and who all are there in his family, he told me he lives on this platform only n there is no one in his family, he had came to this city with his mom but she died last year because of extreme cold ,those words of him are pushing me to cry out loud but i was trying not to ,God i always thought that only i have problems in my life,i was fighting with my emotions within. He continued, My mother had told me that my birthday is on the same day when people plays with color(holi) but i don’t like holi ,he added ,me too i replied ,you know what i am collecting money by selling bottles for buying newspapers so that i can sell them, i want to be a newspaper vendor ,he said,because i don’t want to be a beggar ,he added. Those words of him had made me his fan.
while i was busy in listing to his story i realized my train is about to arrived, so without even giving a second thought i took a 1000 rs note and offered it to him but he denied ,then i insisted and told him that this is not the alms ,i am giving this to him so that he can buy newspapers and sell them, after that he can return this money back,after thinking for about a minute he said only in one condition that I’ll give him my number and address so that he can return it. That little fellow has earned big respect in my eyes on that day , i was feeling like a dwarf in front of his gigantic will power. So i gave him that amount with my visiting card,meanwhile my train had arrived , i without even caring about others hugged him and said bye to him ,those two hours had transformed me in a new person more positive then ever ,while i boarded my train he kept waving to me till i disappeared from his sight . Its been almost 6 month when i had met him ,today morning i received a call and it was him ,he told me he has came to my city to return me those 1000 bucks he is now a registered seller of newspaper and he has bought a bicycle also. I was never been so happy as i am right now ,he is waiting for me at the station ,and i am about to reach there..I can see him now from my car i reached there to see those pair of jeans that has changed my prospect toward life.

Crafted for you created by heart


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