A journey within

Life a wonderful gift, a lustful desire, a friend to enjoy, a wife to annoy .Every now and then I asks myself this silly question what life is? , what it actually means to me .You may be having a different perception about it, but for me it’s an addiction with less hate and more affection .Have you ever wonder, in the morning, why have you woken up that morning, why are you just running blindly behind the schedules, are those really the priorities you want a life with, well I can’t give you the exact figure but almost none of us has ever even thought about any of these questions. Though it has a complex working and a very deep meaning, life, is really very simple and all the good things in life are quite simple too, love, pride, trust, joy, and smile, look even their spellings are so simple. One night, lying under the blanket of dark sky sparkling with the glittering stars I found myself struggling with the thought, thought of why I am not doing what makes ME happy rather then what makes other happy. After few puzzling minuets of silence. I realized my answer is there hidden in my question only, and the answer was really simple ,as I am not living my life I am living someone else’s life and instead of trying for my happiness I seeks for the happiness and acceptability from others. And that, real me trapped somewhere inside me, which scratches me within to realize and wake up from this dream of being someone else. Not sure how many of you but I am sure most of you have gone through such quarrel within yourself. What is there which holds us back from being happy from being ourselves, from being ,the real us not someone else ,think who is the culprit behind this, I guess you must have got the answer yet ,YES it’s you and only you who is holding yourself from being what you are born to be ,fear of in acceptance , fear of being left, fear of “what if” and, the worst, fear of being yourself, these are your  enemies , and if you really want to be  happy in your life you’ll have to learn how to overcome them ,you have to trust yourself, you have all the capabilities of being yourself .Isn’t it’s funny that your own identity ,you were born with is the one you struggles to get throughout your lifetime .I am not telling you to become a rebel and revolt against all . But at least start respecting yourself ,trusting yourself is not a crime .Everyone wants to be happy so do you, nothing is wrong in it .So pack your bag and get out for the real journey, of you finding yourself .Race against your own shadow to capture it before it became too dark ,shout your name so loud that even your veins can feel the vibration , break all those relations that are forcing you to be someone else, that are holding you back .Paint ,Sing, Run, Try , do whatever it takes you to be yourself, you were born to be Happy not someone’s puppy . Just remember You are the only spark needed to ignite the light of hope in your life, no one else but you and only you can help yourself, to be what you want to be and to decide what you deserve to be .Remember life is a roller-coaster ride you can buy tickets for others but you are responsible for your own safety and pukes.

“Just get out of your cocoon of fear and spread the wings of happiness You were born to FLY, neither to pretend nor to CRY”


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