I am Me I am Myself I am a Woman

I still remember it all begun with the feeling which introduced me to the life, I was in some dark place wrapped .can not even stretch my legs fully, though it was dark in there I was feeling much secure than now, was not able to hear clearly those whispers coming from outside, but still they somehow managed to keep me calm, I was half alive half dead feed through a pipe into my stomach but still I was quite comfortable there inside, inside my mother’s womb, then now. Those crying eyes are still in my memory when they first saw me, when they first hold me, I was not sure why she was crying, was that the feeling of care or was the moment of fear but now I know, I know what was that that was the feeling of joy wrapped in a fear that how I am gonna keep her safe from those wildlings out there.
I remember myself growing up gaining my identity, those eyes looking at me like I was some alien, my mind still remembers those words from many people “she is a girl do take care of her”, don’t know those words were supposed to pamper me or warn me about what am I gonna face .
Everyday whenever I went out to play with my friends my mom kept telling me don’t play more with boys do hang around home don’t move out of their sight, that time I felt it was their care for me but now I know that was the fear they had regarding me, I wonder what was I to them, an imagination to kept alive or a bad dream not to discuss about.
When I reached my teens and started blooming like a flower, those eyes got filled with an unknown emotion , emotion a bird have when she got food for her babies but forgot her way home ,emotion a man about to die, have when his last wish got fulfilled but he still doesn’t want to die. I was careless with the winds blowing in the summer ,I was in awe because of the feelings and emotions breeding inside me, those warnings that they had given me still echo in my mind, those warnings for coming home early, warning of not wearing what I want to, warnings of me being a girl.
But with at each n every stage of my blossom I learned how to move ahead every obstacle that going to obstruct my way ,I know that I am a jewel that every thief want to own ,and when they can’t they thinks of breaking me, but I know I am unbreakable ,I was fed with the words and thoughts which pull me back from what I am now ,I felt bad when I realise that my own kind is more responsible for my suppression than any other out there ,but I decided not to give up, not to surrender under that dummy pressure, I know I am precious, beautiful, graceful and I know thousands of adjectives are there to describe my persona .People told me to stay down stay low but I refused and became the Everest, they always tried to cut my wings of imagination, but I retaliate and flew over the skyscrapers in Manhattan, I am a perfect blend of power and gentleness, more beautiful than the imagination of a poet, more graceful than the lovely spring morning , I am more patient than the death and more restless the rain drops at the same time ,I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do, I don’t want anyone to hold my hand because of my feebleness ,I am a mom who left her job and give up her dreams because of her family , I am a wife who became the bridge between two families and keep them connected, I am warrior at war front who can kick a man’s ass much better than he can , I am a babe who can seduce you to the shower of pleasure ,I am Malala who can fight with bullet, I am a princess of my own dreamland ,I am the lady of this century ,I know sometimes I am wrong too ,but I am learning ..I am evolving from null to full because I know who am I , I AM ME ….I AM MYSELF…. I AM A WOMAN.
Dedicated to all those wonderful women who are there in my life and making it really worth.


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