I entered that room as a general practice to ask something to my CEO, he is a really nice man he is more of a mentor to me than a boss, but that day the scene was different in that room. Though I was there for something important & that view has caught my eyes, that day those blind folds were not there instead there was a big transparent wall of glass, he was busy with his laptop and I was busy looking beyond that mirror, it was raining outside with sun shining across the green field outside. I always wonder why such a view is not there from my desk, in office, it was an awe-struck view, while he kept working on his laptop I was lost in my thoughts. It was something magical there that has taken my attention. My office is on the 4th floor daily while coming to that place I have the view from the other side and never ever had imagined that the view from this side would be so amazing. I started recollecting my memories when I started my career when I was in radio I always thought that the person sitting in the cabin in front of my seat enjoys too much and is just chilling sitting there whereas all I have to do is work, work and work but trust me that view was completely different from that cabin, inside there is the responsibility of well-being of all those sitting outside, it had the pressure of doing everything right as there was no scope for failure, it had to bear the responsibility of “what if something went wrong” you have to be responsible for the wrong, which as much as I know no one wants to take. Isn’t it similar to our lives where we see things from only one side of the glass and assume everything just from our point of view? Whether it is a relationship where when something goes wrong we start blaming the person on the other side of the love seat, we think why only I have to do it all? why not the person on the other side. We never consider what is going with the person on the side of this mirror. I have gone through such experience where someone has blamed me saying all you care about is your well-being and not about me. It is too easy to say and think like that but when we reach to that side of the mirror things get completely changed. I remember my father saying me you will understand this when you’ll become a father I never understood that at that time but now I can relate to that when I feel worried about someone when I shout at someone when she is not taking proper care of herself. This happens with all of us we never understood what’s going in the heart and mind of the person on the other side. This happens with every one of us right! Every time I saw a beggar on the street I always give him some money so that he will not have to sleep hungry that day because I have seen myself in such situation where I had no money and had to sleep with hunger as my blanket. Imagine how easy life could have been if we have the power to see the other side of the glass. No pain will be delivered to the person who loves you, no hurt no heart breaks, no irrational arguments and no fights just peace and freedom. That day I want to be like those kids across the road enjoying the rain because I felt how amazing it was from their side but when I was one of those kids I always wanted to be on this side and feel the luxury of life. Well yes, this is the life where we always think from our side of the window and finds the other side brighter than our side, but that is not correct every side has its own life its own though and its own pain. This is life, always respect what is there on your side may be because when you will move into the other side things may not be as bright as they seem. Well by then my CEO has finished his work. He surprisingly asked me “hey why are standing so quiet are you even breathing, because it’s so silent inside”.I smiled and said, “no I am alive, was just looking through my thoughts from,“THE OTHER SIDE”.


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