When it comes to travel there is a long list of tasks and chores that must be done before you even leave home. Use the travel checklist below and leave home with the peace of mind that you didn’t forget to take care of something important.

Confirm Your Identification is Current

Check the expiration date on your driver’s license or passport. At the ticket counter at the airport or when trying to rent a car is not the time to find out that your license has expired. If you’ll be travelling internationally, check your passport’s expiration date well in advance. The normal turn-around time for passport renewals is 60 days. If you need it sooner, be prepared to pay to expedite the renewal.

Cell Phone Plan

Make sure your cell phone plan will adequately cover you while you’re away so you don’t return from vacation to a cell phone bill that is significantly higher than normal. Call your carrier’s customer service department and alert them to your travel plans. The agent will be able to explain your options and make you aware of any potential additional charges. Many plans offer short-term upgrades to your agreement for a reasonable fee that covers international usage, mALING and internet access while travelling.

Prescription Refills

Determine whether your current prescription medications will last for the duration of your trip plus a few days (you don’t want to have to make a midnight run to the pharmacy on the day you return from vacation). If not, make arrangements to get them refilled in advance. Consider taking a copy of your actual prescription with you along with your physician’s contact information in the event something happens and you find it necessary to fill one of your prescriptions while out of town.


Make a trip to the dry cleaners with any items that need to be cleaned. Add picking up the dry cleaning to your list of tasks for the day before your trip to avoid the frustration of realizing while packing that you forgot to pick up your favourite outfit.

Pet Arrangements

Are you planning to board your pets while gone or perhaps hire a pet sitter? Make arrangements or reservations at least two weeks in advance of your trip. Most boarders require proof of up-to-date vaccinations and shots. Ask what documentation they require when making your reservations. As soon as you hang up the phone, go ahead and track down the documents and put them with your other travel papers. There’s nothing more stressful than trying to find critical paperwork on the day of your trip when you are under travel time constraints.

Out-of-Town Medical Insurance Requirements

Check with your medical insurance carrier or read your insurance policy prior to your trip to determine what your medical options are in the event of an out-of-town emergency. Many insurance companies require that you notify them within 24 hours of using an out-of-town emergency room or urgent care centre in order to cover the claim.

Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

Call your bank and credit card company customer service departments. Alert them to the fact that you will be travelling in the coming weeks and give them a list of all of your travel dates and locations. Many banks and credit card companies deny charges in foreign countries or popular vacation locations if you have not alerted them to your travel plans in advance.

Stop Mail and Newspaper Delivery

Contact your local newspaper delivery person and either stop your paper delivery for the duration of your trip or ask that your papers be held for delivery until your return.

Consider Hiring a House-sitter

Thieves like to target homes where it appears no one has been home for several days. Consider asking a friend, relative or neighbourhood teenager to houses it. If you can’t find someone who is able to actually spend the night at your house while you are away, at least ask someone to drop by your house to check on things at different times each day you’ll be gone.


Will you be out of town on garbage day? Ask a neighbour to put your trash bins and recycle bins out on your curb for regular pick-up and then return them to your storage location at the end of the day.

Empty Your Refrigerator

Either give away or throw away any perishable items from your refrigerator. There’s nothing worse than coming home to rotten lettuce and mouldy leftovers. Consider ordering pizza for dinner the night before you leave for a trip. Not only will it make getting dinner on the table in the midst of everything else you must do much easier, you won’t have to worry about what to do with the leftovers. It’s also a nice way to transition from your normal routine to vacation mode.

Travel Documents

Make sure you have all necessary travel documents including:

  • Copies of your credit cards and a listing of 800 numbers to call in the event of loss or theft
  • Medical insurance cards
  • Passport and driver’s license
  • Travel itinerary
  • Reservations and confirmations
  • Tickets

Just Before You Leave

Turn your air up or your heat down. There is no sense paying to cool or heat an empty house. Shut down all computers. Unplug televisions and other electronic devices. Make sure the coffee pot and toaster oven are turned off and unplugged. Take the garbage out. Make sure all doors and windows are locked.

Relax and enjoy your trip knowing that you have used this travel checklist to make sure all pre-travel tasks have been accomplished.



I entered that room as a general practice to ask something to my CEO, he is a really nice man he is more of a mentor to me than a boss, but that day the scene was different in that room. Though I was there for something important & that view has caught my eyes, that day those blind folds were not there instead there was a big transparent wall of glass, he was busy with his laptop and I was busy looking beyond that mirror, it was raining outside with sun shining across the green field outside. I always wonder why such a view is not there from my desk, in office, it was an awe-struck view, while he kept working on his laptop I was lost in my thoughts. It was something magical there that has taken my attention. My office is on the 4th floor daily while coming to that place I have the view from the other side and never ever had imagined that the view from this side would be so amazing. I started recollecting my memories when I started my career when I was in radio I always thought that the person sitting in the cabin in front of my seat enjoys too much and is just chilling sitting there whereas all I have to do is work, work and work but trust me that view was completely different from that cabin, inside there is the responsibility of well-being of all those sitting outside, it had the pressure of doing everything right as there was no scope for failure, it had to bear the responsibility of “what if something went wrong” you have to be responsible for the wrong, which as much as I know no one wants to take. Isn’t it similar to our lives where we see things from only one side of the glass and assume everything just from our point of view? Whether it is a relationship where when something goes wrong we start blaming the person on the other side of the love seat, we think why only I have to do it all? why not the person on the other side. We never consider what is going with the person on the side of this mirror. I have gone through such experience where someone has blamed me saying all you care about is your well-being and not about me. It is too easy to say and think like that but when we reach to that side of the mirror things get completely changed. I remember my father saying me you will understand this when you’ll become a father I never understood that at that time but now I can relate to that when I feel worried about someone when I shout at someone when she is not taking proper care of herself. This happens with all of us we never understood what’s going in the heart and mind of the person on the other side. This happens with every one of us right! Every time I saw a beggar on the street I always give him some money so that he will not have to sleep hungry that day because I have seen myself in such situation where I had no money and had to sleep with hunger as my blanket. Imagine how easy life could have been if we have the power to see the other side of the glass. No pain will be delivered to the person who loves you, no hurt no heart breaks, no irrational arguments and no fights just peace and freedom. That day I want to be like those kids across the road enjoying the rain because I felt how amazing it was from their side but when I was one of those kids I always wanted to be on this side and feel the luxury of life. Well yes, this is the life where we always think from our side of the window and finds the other side brighter than our side, but that is not correct every side has its own life its own though and its own pain. This is life, always respect what is there on your side may be because when you will move into the other side things may not be as bright as they seem. Well by then my CEO has finished his work. He surprisingly asked me “hey why are standing so quiet are you even breathing, because it’s so silent inside”.I smiled and said, “no I am alive, was just looking through my thoughts from,“THE OTHER SIDE”.


ANAMIKA- A Girl Who Had Lost Her Name

Today even the rain was making fun of me; those words are echoing in my heart like someone is still shooting them at me. Though my umbrella was big enough to keep us dry together but today it seems to let the drops fall on me alone. Those winds were trying to say something to me like they were whispering your name. You, you the meaning of my life has just made my life meaningless. I still remember when for the first time you looked at me and smiled, those were the early days of our college when everyone one is trying to take their chances to get along with someone. When I first saw you during the induction there was something magical at that moment; I can still feel that anxiety, I had while talking to you for the first time. You were in the next section, so it was not possible to sit by your side looking at you smiling, talking making those funny faces, laughing, but I use to go to the canteen at late evenings when and where I can see you daily. I still remember there was not even a single day, in those initial days, when I missed going to the canteen at that time just to see you, even though sometimes you come sometimes you don’t but I kept that routine for looking at you from a distance. That was the first time when I got so crazy for someone, and I am sure you had never even noticed me before that day when I was under the weather but was sitting there to see you. My friend got mad at me because even that state I was not ready to go home, so she went to you and told you the entire scene. I was all set to kill her, but to my surprise, you without even given it a second thought asked me to go to the doctor’s place with you. How can I say no to you? I know I was acting weirdly, but this is what happens, I guess when you have a one-sided crush on someone. There were so many times when I had left important jobs so that I’ll always be available for you, always. I always thought that I am so lucky that the love of my life is with me. But today devil has played its part, and my entire world has just collapsed. I couldn’t bear those words, so I ran from there, like a crazy little girl crying and shouting. Before I could take a single step that loud voice has grabbed my attention, a car driver was honking like a madman as I nearly got touched by his vehicle, and stood dead without any sign of movement, few moment later my friends had come n dragged me to the footpath from middle of the road. Tears were rolling down like a mad monsoon waterfall; everyone was trying to console me. I was blank like an abandoned estate. It was the news of your train’s accident. Since that story has made its way into my ears, I became a crazy little girl, crying your name, trying your cell number, but you didn’t pick and never called me back. A ring on the door has awakened me from my dream. It’s Anant with chocolates in his hands and with a broad smile on his face, Anant, your brother who has been like my little brother too, since you have gone. It’s been 35 years since you had left me; there has not been a single day when I haven’t thought about you for all of my time. Anant has bought those chocolates for Ayaan, love of my life, our son, Ayaan. I don’t even remember how many times I had written these words on paper and flushed them with dropping tears; I still found myself sitting in the canteen looking at you, every day, like dreaming with eyes open. Well, I am Sneha, your Sneha, you may not recognise me now, as you haven’t seen me in last 35 years. Sneha, who never got married to anyone, living with and taking care of your parents. They always talk about how stupid you were and how lucky they are to had you. You always wanted we have a so. Now we have, I have adopted him, and he is proud son of the crazy, idiot, yet the most amazing father, You. It took me years to start living again but I managed, I managed it for you, for your dreams, for our dreams. I know somewhere in those stars you must be looking at me and making that funny face you always makes whenever you look at me.

I may not be able to live with you, but I am living my love for you. Love you forever and ever, your one sided lover, your never happened wife Anamika- A girl who has lost her name.